You are visiting the home of the Big Little Days blog. I am Jaime, mother to four children 6 and under, and wife to the world’s most devoted (if not slightly nutty) husband.  We are on a journey to adopt a little boy from Eastern Europe who wears designer genes.

Here’s the guide to the main characters in my world (names changed to protect their ability to deny their batty relation):

Jaime: me

Andy: hubby

Cal: 6-year-old daughter, homeschooling first grader

JR: 5-year-old son, preschooler

Lumpy: 3-year-old daughter, troublemaker

Hoss: 1-year-old son, stinkerbaby

Thadius: Son of our heart, baby, extra squishy, Down syndrome

Banana: 11-year-old Great Dane-Lab mix pound puppy, deceased 7/15/2011

Monkey: 18-month-old Brittney-Pit Bull mix pound puppy

Skywalker: world’s grumpiest kitty, age 10+

Amma: my mom

Auntie Jay: my aunt

Grandmombo: my mother-in-law


Kind Words are always welcomed...

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