This is for Thadius

It’s me, Cal.  I’m really happy about Thadius coming home.  It is really great that everyone is helping bring him home.  Thadius will feel really happy about people helping him.

This summer I have been doing homeschool, and playing outside a lot, and not wearing socks.  I am turning 7 in eleven more days.  I’ve been counting the days ever since July 9th.

Mom is attached to the computer doing work to bring Thadius home, except at lunchtime and homeschool.  Mom and Dad have been watching TV shows about kids who were adopted, I think.  We kids had to do work to bring Thadius home, too.  We all had to get shots.

Getting shots is like getting your blood drawn.  To me it is.  JR wanted to get a shot so I don’t think it hurts much to him.  We needed to make sure we didn’t have the TB disease or else it would spread to the family and Thadius could have it.  (JR just asks: “Who’s TB?”  Cal: “It’s a disease.”)

I think it was a sacrament.  (Jaime: “Are you thinking of sacrifice?”  Cal: “That’s what I meant,”)  It’s when you give up something for other people.

For the TB test they put a little needle in my arm, but it felt like a big one.  It was over by the count of three.  I felt bad.  Horrible actually.  I can’t remember if I cried. (Jaime’s note: none of the kids did!)

Tough guy didn’t even wince!

Even though I hated it, I’m glad it was a sacrifice for Thadius.  It shows that I care for him.  JR, Lumpy, Hoss, Mom, and Dad also got it.  And so will Thadius.  I think it will hurt a little bit for him, too.

But, it’s worth it.  It’s going to help bring him home.  It’s only his family who can do TB tests to bring him home.  This is for Thadius.


Jaime’s note: These are all actual words spoken by Cal.  I interview her and type it up as she says it.  If she gives me a two word answer, I ask her to say it as a full sentence.  Seriously, if you don’t have a 6, almost 7 year old yet, you should try to get one.  Try here: 


Biggest Sister

This is my first time writing a blog post.  My mom is Jaime, Mrs. BLD.  I am six and a half years old.

I am going to tell you how it is like to be a big sister.  I am a big sister because I have 3 siblings and one on the way.  I am excited about the one that is coming on the way.  The baby we are adopting is having Down Syndrome.  That means there is something special about them.

It’s a big responsibility to be the biggest sister.  One of the things I do to help out my mom is bring down my baby brother, Hoss, from his nap.  Mom doesn’t make me do it, I just do it for fun.  It’s really fun to carry baby Hoss down the stairs.  When I hold him in my lap, we go bumpety bump and he giggles.  It makes me feel good and lifting him out of his crib makes me feel strong.

I like to be the biggest sister because I can read chapter books at night before I go to bed.  My favorite chapter books are Superfudge and Double Fudge.  One of the things I like to do is go to T’s house to play.

I write questions for my Mom when she is on the phone.

The worst thing about being a big sister is having to listen to whining.  When someone whines, I head for my room.  Sometimes I give them what they want or whatever they are whining about because I can’t stand the whining.

If you are about to become the oldest sister, the number one thing to know is it’s the best being a big sister.

I love my sister and brothers.


Cal has asked if she could be a part of the blog.  I told her sure.  This is the first of hopefully many short and sweet posts for my aspiring writer.