Adoption Fundraising and Giveaways

Thank you for considering supporting us financially.

We do not currently have a giveaway going on.  We do however, have a wonderful way to commemorate the support of anyone who donates during a “down” time.  Here are the details: Be a part of the band. Donations can be made through our Chip-in (not tax-deductible, but immediately available) or through our FSP (tax-deductible through Reece’s Rainbow).

You can even support us just by shopping at some of our affiliate organizations:

Do all of your Amazon shopping by clicking here first, and we receive 6% of the proceeds! Big Little Days Amazon Affiliate Link

Don’t skip your coffee to show you care! Buy from roasters who give their proceeds to us. Great coffee, great cause.

We are big fans and homeschool users of The Russian Accelerator Program. When you purchase the program using our affiliate link by clicking the image below, we earn 25% of all sales!

Use the BLD exclusive coupon code STMMMS40044 to get $10 off your purchase and $10 in free scrapbook add-ons. Follow my tutorial link on the right to use MyMemories to watermark your images. The BLD family will earn 66% of all sales.

Or, just plain old donate below:

Immediately available, not tax-deductible through ChipIn:

Click the picture to “Chip-in!”

Or make a tax-deductible donation to our Family Sponsorship Program fund through Reece’s Rainbow:

Your support of this little boy is the greatest desire of our heart, and when you donate money, prayer, or by advocating for him, you are saying he is loved, worthy, and valuable.  We are all working to make Thadius an orphan no more!


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