Mountains You’ve Moved

We do not currently have a giveaway going on.  We do however, have a wonderful way to commemorate the support of anyone who donates during a “down” time. Become a member of the band!  Please continue to give if you feel called through our Chip-in (not tax-deductible, but immediately available) or through our FSP (tax-deductible through Reece’s Rainbow).


Our July giveaway has ended, and the results are in: You donated $3,427, plus a matching grant from an Anonymous donor of $1,000!  THANK YOU TO EVERYONE!  In addition, our winners donated $200 back to us and $350 to three other RR families.  What an honor to have such generous contributors!

We have also received an additional $1,000 in August from our wonderful Catholic church.  We are so grateful to have our church family behind us!

Our Auction to Bring Thadius Home has received $1,281 in bids alone!

Here is where we are in Our fundraising goal:

While we don’t really intend to catalog every penny spent on our journey, we do want to share with you what your donations are going to.

To date from Chip-In:

$84.96 Adoption Learning Partner /Thinking of Adoption Training classes, 4 hours–PAID

$890 for United States Customs and Immigration Service fees–PAID

To date from FSP:

Waiting for Dossier submission!  Earmarked towards Airfare and Travel costs in-country.


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