Here are the things that we are dreaming of as “pie in the sky” to help give our adoption fundraising a boost:

-Donations of hand-crafted items, new goods, services, lessons, vacation rentals, etc. that we can use for an August silent auction. (not tax-deductible)

-A business to do a casual dress day fundraiser (tax-deductible) for Thadius.

-Anyone who is planning on donating a larger sum of money to allow us the chance to advertise a “matching grant” up to the amount available. (tax-deductible)

-Airline miles.

-A friend to become a notary public in Michigan. Fulfilled!

-Any fundraising ideas you have on your own!

-Anyone seeking a speaker for a church group, mother’s group, bible study, etc., to contact me.  (leave comment below or email me at biglittledays at gmail dot com)

-Your prayers as we pursue this little boy with our whole being.


And, our biggest wish, is to find a family for “Willow” who is in the same region as our little Thadius.

Willow-click for more information or to donate.


Kind Words are always welcomed...

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